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Video editing has always been important because it is the key to blending images and sounds to make us feel emotionally connected and sometimes truly there in the film we’re watching. It’s a safe assumption to say that video editing is among the most important aspects for any business.



₹ 1500 | $ 17.50 Per Minute


₹ 1500 | $ 17.50 Per Minute


₹ 6000 | $ 70 Per Minute




Voice over

HD Graphics

3 revisions

3 days delivery



You can buy the package online from our website and send all the required information via mail.


You would receive the slot timings for Telephonic discussion with the designer. The designer would gather all the information to prepare the design.


The draft file would be sent for review and approval.


Your modifications would be implemented and the final file would be sent.



1 - Outsourcing Video Editing Lets You Focus on Your Creative Core Business

Creating video content is a ton of work – coming up with ideas, drawing storyboards, writing video scripts, and actually shooting (and, perhaps, re-shooting) your footage. Plus, of course, the editing. Out of all those tasks, there is really only one thing you need to do yourself: Using your authentic voice to connect to your audience. After all, that’s what they’re here for. However, it’s hard to be authentic, creative, and unique when you’re bogged down by a massive video production workload. Let alone keeping up with YouTube trends. Outsourcing some of that work gives you the breathing space you need to focus on your creative core business and strengthen your brand.

3 - Get Professional Content to Grow Your Subscriber Count

Another benefit of outsourcing video editing is that the result simply looks better. Video editing pros have a massive skill set and plenty of experience. This allows them to produce high-quality content even from mediocre footage – fast. They can cut and trim clips, choose the perfect transitions, add effects where needed, and brush up your audio. Ultimately, what you’ll get from giving the gig to a pro editor is a polished and engaging video that won’t irritate viewers with shaky audio or awkward transitions.

2 - Save Editing Time, Increase Your Output

Spend a lot of time worrying over which transitions to use? Leaving such decisions to professionals saves you time, massive amounts of it. Time that you could spend planning more content, coming up with new ideas, keeping up with trends in your niche, and shooting your next project. Plus, outsourced talent won’t just free up the time you’d spend editing. Chances are, they’ll also produce results faster than you could yourself. The bottom line? The entire production process becomes much smoother, allowing you to increase your content volume.

4 - Save on Soft- and Hardware Investments

Doing high-quality editing yourself is expensive. Not only do you have to pay for most professional video editing software. Editing also takes high-end hardware, tons of storage, and space for several screens. Also, if you’re just learning to edit, think about how long it’ll take you to really get the requisite skill set and working speed. And all the mediocre output you’ll produce till you hit pro level.

5 - No Commitment, Easy Scalability

Another upside of hiring freelancers or a video editing company is that there’s no commitment on your part. For example, you don’t have to shell out for editing software subscriptions, let alone for hiring a full-time editor. Instead, you get to scale the number of videos you outsource to your own productivity, or the size of your channel – and pay only for what you really need.


Delivery is done in 3 working days.


We provide 3 modifications.


You can buy the package from the site, your telephonic slot with the designer would be booked to discuss about the requirements and file would be delivered in 2 days.


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