The Register Of Companies (ROC) is an office functioning under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), which controls the entire administration of all companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) in India. The MCA controls and regulates all the entities and LLPs under the Companies Act, 1956 and Companies Act, 2013. The ROC is the authority, which takes care of registration or incorporation of a company in India.

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ROC Filing

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Registering A Company In India
  • In India, every company requires incorporation approval from the ROC. Once the application for incorporation of the company is made, the ROC will scrutinize the application and provide the incorporation certificate. This incorporation certificate acts as evidence for the existence of any company. Similarly, after the incorporation, if any company winds up, then the ROC is the final authority to strike the name of the company from the registry.
  • Section 117 of companies act, 2013, states that every resolution passed by the company should be intimated to the ROC within 30 days from the date of passing the resolution. From appointing the directors or managing directors up to the winding up of the company, every information must be conveyed to the ROC.

What Is ROC Filing?

Benefits of ROC filings
  • Explicit The Financial Position: The filing of annual returns consists of the compilation of total accounts of the company for the entire year.Filing helps to analyze or determine the financial position of the company. i.e if the company is running in loss or profit.
  • Proof Of the Existence of The Company: Regular filings with the ROC provide proof of the existence of the company.The government will update the record for the existence of the company based on the filings executed by the company.The company which has failed to provide annual filings for a long time is considered as fake, or the name of the company can be struck off by the ROC.
  • Protection Against A Penalty: Companies who fail to file annual filings may be charged with penalties. Hence, timely filings will protect the company from the same.Appropriate annual compliance will protect the company from any legal complications.


Income tax return is submitted to Income Tax department whereas ROC returns are filed with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) with whom the company is registered. It is mandatory to file the prescribed ROC forms and other returns on annual basis.

Form MGT 7 is used to file Annual Return. The due date is May 30.

Form AOC 4 is used to file Annual Accounts. The due date is 180 days from end of Financial Year (FY)

Form MGT 7 is used to file Annual Return. The due date is 60 days from conclusion of Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Form AOC 4 is used to file Annual Accounts. The due date is 30 days from end of Financial Year (FY)

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