eCommerce Website Development

What is eCommerce development?

Ecommerce development is the process by which an online retail business is structured and can work properly. Ecommerce development covers different aspects, like enhancing the supply, collaborating with a shipping company, and developing the network. Another aspect to develop in the case of ECommerce development is ensuring proper marketing and customer communication. No ECommerce website can provide services properly if any of the above aspects aren’t taken care of. Ecommerce development was up an impressive 15.4% overall profit ever year.

Best Ecommerce Development Company

Alphre is one of the top Ecommerce development company in India. We creates tailored eCommerce development solutions for any form of customer. We build personalized eCommerce solutions with 10 years of experience as an eCommerce company. With 100+ satisfied customers, we have a sound record of completing 50+ projects. Our eCommerce dedicated professionals help you thrive in your business by providing a fully-functional and interactive eCommerce platform to extend your business reach. Our eCommerce experts are able to offer peerless web development services by providing you with fun results, having advanced and all the new eCommerce technologies under our belt. We deliver guaranteed quality eCommerce website solutions in the shortest period with total commitment and harmony. We make exemplary solutions that add value to your organization by integrating development resources with our in-depth domain knowledge.

Looking for a top eCommerce development company in chennai to help your business? We are a top-rated eCommerce development company in India helping eCommerce & m-commerce businesses to set up an attractive eCommerce platform and reach more potential customers & generate more revenues. Over the last 15+, we have helped a lot of B2B and B2C clients achieve their business goals by serving the best in class services.

Our dedicated eCommerce developers with 5+ years of experience can handle any complex eCommerce project to serve you the top-notch eCommerce development services.

How much does it cost to build an eCommerce website?

Since developing an eCommerce website has multiple aspects, the cost of developing one can vary a lot. The size of the website and the customer options also determine the cost of development. Based on the current (approximate) calculation, developing a small eCommerce system can cost more than (20k) on having light traffic However, it can dramatically rise above (50k) yearly if the website is big and receives a lot of traffic.

How much time will it take to develop an eCommerce website?

Generally, a well-performing eCommerce website can be made in 6 to 10 weeks by an efficient team. At Alphre, you can be sure about getting an eCommerce website within 6 to 10 weeks. However, it depends on the size and characteristics you want to add. You can easily track your website while it gets ready and we can also offer a chance to you accessing the beta versions too.
Alphre information system is named among the top eCommerce development companies in chennai for offering best-in-class eCommerce development solutions using modern technologies. Get out top-quality eCommerce development services to grow your business globally.

Alphre eCommerce Development Services

Our eCommerce development services include a set of proprietary tech solutions that aims to simplify the customer journey, engage shoppers, and improve conversion rates in new ways. Here are a couple of benefits of the service offerings of eCommerce development that can take your business to the next level.

1. Turn Marketing Content into Point-of-Sale with Shoppable Videos
Shoppable videos are one of the proven concepts that enable businesses to convert video content into point of sale. They accelerate the buying decisions of visitors, turn passive viewers into active viewers, and deliver an interactive customer experience.

2. Unshackle Language Barriers for Customer Support with Multi-lingual Chat
For customer service agents, translating chat in real-time ensures uninterrupted support. This improves branding, customer relations, and business reputation in different geographical areas.

Multi-lingual chat enhances CSAT by communicating better and resolving customer queries faster, curb operational cost incurred by hiring native agents, and boost the first-response rate by up to 75%.

3. Create Digital Workforce through Automation
Automating processes such as logistics management, payment processing, customer support & personalization, funnel assessment for marketing, return processing, etc. can help to bring agility to business processes and operations.

Automation reduces the operational cost, brings consistency to processes, increase compliance, and gets more done in less time.

4. Ensure Asset Tracking and Management
Asset tracking and management solutions automate the process of identifying assets in a warehouse, collecting related data, and adding/updating into a system.

Such solutions save hours of manual effort of carrying out physical stock checks, reduce order entry errors, and significantly increase inventory accuracy.

5. Engage the Audience with Live Interactions
Live video streaming solutions enable eCommerce businesses to elevate their customer engagement strategy by seamlessly streaming events in real-time with unmatched quality and scalability.

What is the potential of ecommerce business?

-Reduced costs to buyers from increased competition online
-Reduced costs to suppliers by on-line auction
-Reduced errors, time, and overhead costs information processing
-Reduced inventories, and warehouse
-Increased access to real time inventory information, speed-up ordering & purchasing and processing time.
-Easier enter into new markets in an efficient way
-Easily create new markets and get new customers
-Automated business processing
-Cost-effective document transfer
-Reduced time to complete business transactions, speed-up the delivery time
-Reduced business overhead and enhance business management

Here are five tips to grow eCommerce startup:

1. Invest your time

  • Be willing to put in the long hours and hard yards. In the beginning, this counts for a lot.

2. Be smart with your start-up budget

  • Do you invest in marketing or back-end tech requirements? Which customer service platform will suit your customer base best? Which packaging supplier to use? Which courier service offers the best value for money?
  • It requires excellent business understanding to ensure the decision made is the best for now AND for the future.

3. Learn to build resilience and adaptability

  • Start-ups are capable of pivoting and adapting in a way bigger businesses can’t. Use this to your advantage, as it only gets harder as your business grows.
  • Adapt to changes in order to take advantage of opportunities and learn from your mistakes. You might not know everything when you start off – but that’s how you learn.

4. Do your research / and understand your customer

  • Get your hands on as much usable data as possible and use this to make considered decision making. You might know your brand inside-out but that only goes so far. Understand what your consumers think about your brand. Learn from your data and let that drive your decisions.

5. Build a great team

  • Without the team, we wouldn’t be who or where we are now. It’s safe to say that the team IS the success and growth of our platform.
  • We started by focusing on our sales team, as an increase in sales drives everything forward. It enables us to expand our warehouses, as well as our customer service team and gives us more content with which to market.

Technology we used for E -commerce

Artificial Intelligence

Anomaly detection, Real-time video analysis, Cognitive computation, AI/ML integration


Mobile VR, AR/VR solutions, 3D visualization platforms, VR wearables solutions


IoT solutions, Hardware integration, Device management, Industrial IoT solutions

Technologies every e-commerce site needs

There is rarely a facet within an industry that hasn’t been touched by technology. Most notably, big data and machine learning are paving the way for robotics automation, the instant transfer of data, and a variety of interesting devices.

The retail industry is no exception when it comes to taking advantage of technology. In fact, successful businesses are setting the bar by implementing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, and voice assistants into their operations. The reasons vary, but can include that these technologies help provide excellent customer experiences through instant communication, providing support without the help of live employees, data management and security, and much more.

Many online stores already have integrated e-commerce software, but to stay in the competition, any e-commerce business must give serious thought into the following technologies to stay prosperous and maintain customer satisfaction.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Personalized user experience
  • Recommendations to customers
  • Automated campaign management
  • The Cloud Hosting
  • Chatbots
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Respond to queries
  • Send shipping and tracking information
  • Voice assistants
  • Audio brand signatures
  • Shopping lists
  • Assistive technology

What are the major trends in e-commerce?

14 Ecommerce Trends Leading the Way

  • AR enhances the reality of online shopping.
  • There will be a growing volume of voice search.
  • AI helps shops learn about shoppers.
  • On-site personalization uses those insights to create individualized experiences.
  • Big data plays a big part in creating personalized experiences.

Our eCommerce Development Services

Alphre information system recognized among the top eCommerce development companies in India, Alphre information system offers full-cycle eCommerce development services to both B2B & B2C clients globally.

Online Stores

Being the top-rated eCommerce website development company in India, we have a highly talented and experienced team of dedicated developers who can help you develop online eCommerce stores with best-in-class features at an affordable rate compared to the market rate.

Auctions & Bidding

Our offshore eCommerce development company helps your eCommerce business to scale online trading experiences via auctions and bidding platforms. Moreover, our solutions allow business owners to conduct different auction types, leverage video streaming in real-time auctions

B2C Marketplaces

Our custom eCommerce development company develops B2C marketplaces by implementing multi-lingual as well as multi-currency features to help both sellers and their potential consumers to sell and buy products very easily.

Ecommerce Aggregators

As a top-rated eCommerce development services providing company, our dedicated developers have domain expertise with years of experience in developing aggregators that enable you to monitor and list brands easily by allowing them to advertise the products and services in real-time.

B2B Trade Portals

Our eCommerce development company can help you to build rich-featured B2B portals to merge all the trading associates that include manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, & others within a centralized platform. Our dedicated eCommerce developers are capable enough to build a secure B2B trading platform.

Multi Vendor Platform

Our offshore eCommerce development company provides you a custom multi-vendor eCommerce platform for automated or manual vendor payouts by implementing highly advanced features. Our developed eCommerce platforms are recognized for their attractive UI and UX design and more sales conversations.

Our eCommerce Development Services

Alphre information system is named among the top eCommerce development companies in India for offering best-in-class eCommerce development solutions using modern technologies. Get out top-quality eCommerce development services to grow your business globally.

Custom Ecommerce Development

Our dedicated eCommerce developers have expertise in delivering complex eCommerce development services in India and beyond. They integrate the latest technology features that offer users to get new experiences while using the eCommerce platform.

mCommerce Development

As a leading company for eCommerce website development in India, our eCommerce programmers provide you top-notch mCommerce apps with rich features that enable us to generate more sales and revenue.

eCommerce Integration

Our dedicated eCommerce developers integrate different payment gateways into your eCommerce platforms that enable your customers to do secure and easy online transactions.

Dedicated Ecommerce Team

Our eCommerce development company in India has a dedicated team of eCommerce and Php web developers with 5+ years of respective domain experience to provide you the best eCommerce development services.

Technology Consulting

At Alphre information system, our highly qualified professional experts provide you with the best understanding of selecting the right platform and technology stack to develop an amazing eCommerce website that saves you more money and time.

Business Analytics

Get daily accurate business analytics to analyze to grow more in the competitive business. We at Alphre information system implement the latest technology like AI to develop business analytics systems to provide analytical data in real-time.

Management & Maintenance

Our eCommerce programmers team is always available for support and maintenance services to provide a flawless online eCommerce shopping experience for your platform users.

Migration & Upgradation

Our eCommerce development team always stays updated with the latest technologies as well as trends. Importantly, provides you eCommerce platform migration and up-gradation with using the latest technologies effectively.

Technology Platforms

Are you looking for wordpress ecommerce development in chennai? Alphre Information System has gained a huge reputation across the globe for its top-rated Ecommerce development services in Chennai. Following are the web technologies we use

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