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We started this business 2 years back as a startup to solve the problems faced by clients in developing their apps & website.

Initially, we noted the pain points all the clients and started working in to provide a competitive and transparent service for business and Our constantly thriving to improve our already high standards to have you see us as the absolute best in the industry.

  1. Mis-communication– The development company has less transparency & more complex pricing and inclusions. They initially portray something and later it changes, which result in a gap in the client’s requirements and final website delivered.
  2. Strength-At core the website developed is very delicate and weak, which causes various issues after delivered to the client.
  3. User Interface & User Experience– The UI/UX is very old and all copy pasted templates used to build the site.
  4. Security– Due to weak development, the data can be easily assessed by hackers.
  5. Performance & speed-No user likes slow load times. And they can have real consequences for your business. Due to cheap & fragile development, the speed declines.
  6. Scalability– The website works well with some number of users, but when you start growing and having more people into your site, then the website collapses.

We work on a SOP model, were

  • Our business development executive responds to your inquiry and intimates all the information in 30mins.
  • The executives share all the information including pricing, time, techstack & process. The discussions are confidential & bided by all legal terms.
  • After you opted for the service, you would be regularly intimidated by the engineers about the progress
  • The web/app will be delivered to you as per the TAT and we would also provide 6 months technical support.
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